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What's more practical than carving a hedge without "thread to leg"! This is what this new model proposes.



Maker: Bosch
Reference: AHS 54-20 LI
Drums: 36V lithium ion
Autonomy: 50minutes
Blade length: 54cm
Max cutting diameter: 20mm
Weight: 3.6kg with battery
Price: 299 €


What use?
With the weight of conventional batteries, manufacturers were content to produce small models with low capacities. Thanks to the development of Lithium Ion batteries (smaller), we see appear models of a reasonable weight for their power (here, 36 V) and. With its rechargeable battery in 45 minutes and its blade length, the tested model allows a work in complete freedom.
Little more
In addition to the blade length (important), battery energy allows to announce a maximum cutting diameter of 20mm. With twigs of such a section, getting a cut first time is not easy; especially if several branches appear at the same time at different points of the blade. To remedy this, the manufacturer has developed a system that adjusts the power according to the resistance encountered ("ABS - anti-lock"). When the blades meet a strong resistance, the motor reverses its direction of rotation and gives again to the blades all the round trip of the cut. If this new impetus does not allow to slice the wood, the blades stop (open knives) to be more easily cleared from the hedge. Thus, the energy of the battery is not wasted...
Our test
The cladding of the zones of grip is a pledge of comfort: one finds the usual handling of an electric hedge trimmer, without the extension! Our tests (laurels, cedars and hornbeams) show a good ability to slice the middle sections and branches from 15 to 20mm (thanks to the famous "ABS - anti-blocking" system). Just let the machine come to the end of the cut. If necessary, the shorter teeth of the blade nose can act as a hand saw to "saw" larger sections.


  • Correct cutting capacity
  • ABS-anti-lock system
  • Real autonomy
  • Charging time

The lessers

  • Max cutting diameter
  • High price due to batteries

Our opinion

In comparison, a similar wired electrical model (55cm blade length and 24mm max cutting Ø) is sold for less than 150 € by the same manufacturer. The freedom of the wireless therefore - alas - a cost!



The announced autonomy of 50 minutes is often exceeded: in reality, we spend a lot of time to move and move the scale.

Getting started

Getting started

The cladding of all the handles improves grip. Fortunately because you have to carry 3.6kg at arm's length.

Video Instruction: Bosch AHS 54 20 Li Cordless Hedge Cutter - FIRST LOOK