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For which insulation:

Phonic and thermal.

Insulation type:

Ecological material of vegetable origin.


Use of straw hemp, called hemp, and a complement of polyester fiber (between 10 and 20%).


In the form of insulating wool or in bulk with bags of granules 5 to 15mm in diameter. Permeable to water vapor. Good resistance to moisture. Excellent mechanical resistance. Lightweight. Recyclable. Not attacked by insects and rodents.

Degree of insulation:

Good to very good (depending on the type of declination of the product used and its thickness).


Bricks. Panels. Rollers. Bulk.

Uses for the house:

Attic. Walls. Soils. Roofing.


Good behavior in time. Ecological and renewable product. Relatively easy to implement.


Flammable but may receive fire retardant treatment.

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