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My wife and I have a farm under renovation. From the first rain, infiltrations. During our visits we asked about the condition of the roof. The previous owner and the agency told us that the roof was in good condition and that there was no problem to be done. We had a professional who found that the roof windows and fireplaces were rigged with expensive foam! This work was done by the former owner who does not want to know anything about the management of the reinstatement. Are there possibilities of appeal? and how to?

In case of appearance of a defect which was hidden at the time of the sale, such as for example your leaks on the roof, you can take advantage of the guarantees of hidden defects provided by Article 1648 of the Civil Code. This defect must have been hidden at the time of the sale, that is to say, invisible even to the informed eyes of a professional or a technician.The action must be brought within a short time, it is in the weeks following the acquisition. If the thing is proven, you can ask, amicably is the cancellation of the sale, a reduction of the selling price in the form of indemnity, or the assumption of the repair of the defect. In case of disagreement, the High Court is competent. But be careful: check the deed of sale: seller has sometimes insert a clause of non-warranty defects, stating that you take the property in the state and waive any remedy for any reason whatsoever. You can dispute this clause if you can prove that this defect was known by the seller at the time of the signing of the act (which seems to demonstrate the way the chassis are mounted).

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