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The hidden side of mailboxes: templates and installation

The purchase and installation of a mailbox seem to be quite innocuous. But it should be known that in France the legislation frames the habitat and imposes strict rules. Everyone is free to respect them or not, but in the case of mailboxes it is better to be concerned if you want to receive your mail. That's why this week HandymakerDubranche is conducting the survey on the standards that govern the choice and implementation of individual mailboxes and offers you to discover the different models of mailboxes available on the market.


Choose your mailbox

In terms of mailboxes, we are not all in the same boat. For houses built after July 12, 1979, mailboxes are subject to the new standard NF D27-405. This implies that the inside dimensions of the box must be at least 260 x 260 x 340 mm, those of the introduction slot: of 235 x 30 mm and those of the external name tag of 100 x 22 mm. In addition, standardized mailboxes must be guaranteed for fifteen years and must also have been tested for resistance to corrosion, weather and aggression.

As for the mailboxes of houses built before the application of the standard, they are left to the discretion of the owner. In addition, if he wishes, he can integrate a slot to slip his mail at the front door, garage or the front of the house. Attention in case of non-compliance with the standards the postman can refuse to distribute your mail.

The different models of mailbox

In DIY superstores, you will usually find standard mailboxes that meet the current standard and that have a lock that is compatible with the master keys used by the mailmen. These are rectangular and green, beige, blue or red, available from 18 euros. For added security, there are anti-burglary mailboxes, made of steel that have an anti-tearing device and guarantee the security of your mail., From about 70 euros. In addition, some suppliers offer decorative mailboxes: "American", "old", design or even animal-shaped. For rates, count about fifty euros minimum. However, these mailboxes rarely meet the standard and are not always of good quality. However if you want to decorate your box, it is always possible to stick stickers specially designed for this purpose, which will not hinder its proper operation. Finally, there are ecological mailboxes made from recycled materials or illuminated with solar panels whose prices start at 90 euros.

The installation of a mailbox

The installation of mailboxes is left to the discretion of their owner. However, it is best to follow some common sense rules so that your mailbox is easily accessible to the postman. Thus, they must be placed at the entrance of each property and include clearly and legibly the names of the occupants. In addition, it is recommended to place mailboxes between 80 cm and 1 m 50 in height and the minimum dimensions of openings should be 22 cm wide by 3 cm high. In addition, you can choose to place your mailbox on a pillar or to embed it by sealing it into a wall.

If you regularly order parcels by correspondence, HandymanDuDimanche encourages you to install a bell near your mailbox. Thus, the factor will warn you instead of simply filing a notice of passage.

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