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You can clean your facade with a high-pressure cleaner, but under certain conditions and with not too high pressure. It is a simple and effective method to give a facelift to your facade.

What is the high-pressure cleaning of a façade?

To clean the front of your house, it is possible to use a high-pressure cleaner. It projects water under pressure on the facade. This equipment allows deep cleaning of the facade by eliminating grease, dirt, dust or dirt.

Before cleaning, it is necessary to protect the windows and everything that needs to be preserved from splashing water. You should also bring clothing and a protective mask.

It is possible to add a treatment product on the facade before cleaning under pressure. Then the cleaning is done from the top of the house, going back and forth from left to right (or vice versa) and remaining about one meter from the front.

High pressure cleaning: advantages and disadvantages

High pressure cleaning is the way the most economical and the simplest to clean the facades of your home.

But cleaning your facade with a high-pressure cleaner can be a risk if the pressure is too high: delamination of the plaster, enlargement of cracks... The cleaner should be used with care, and the pressure should be adjusted so as not to cause damage. If in doubt, clean your facade low pressure, or with the technique of nebulization.

When to use a high-pressure cleaner?

You can use a high-pressure cleaner if your facade is stone, brick, concrete or wood.

Attention, it is not recommended to use a high-pressure cleaner on a facade in bad condition, and especially if there is a risk of water infiltration!

Do not carry out high-pressure cleaning in winter either risks related to thermal shock.

Video Instruction: high pressure telescopic lance for façade cleaning