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This pressure washer has a water-cooled induction motor. With a power of 3000 W, it guarantees a maximum flow of 600 l / h and a pressure of 160 bars. But its originality is due to its ergonomic pistol grip with LCD screen (which allows an optimal adjustment of the pressure and the flow of detergent according to the surfaces to be cleaned) and also to its Multi Jet lance which exempts the use of several lances depending on the work to be done.

A versatile cleaner

The Multi Jet lance and the terrace brush are enough to make this cleaner a very versatile device.

The cleaner and its Multi Jet spear

This variable pressure cleaner comes with a terrace brush, a bottle of detergent and a 3-in-1 Multi Jet Spray. It is also suitable for clean garden furniture a car or even hard surfaces made of stone or concrete.

Lance Multi Jet 3-in-1

Change Kärcher's spear... or not with the rotating spear

Lance Multi Jet 3-in-1

This spear makes it possible to move very quickly high pressure flat jet has a rotating jet very stripping has a detergent jet. Just print a rotary motion to the spear.
It is no longer necessary to change the spear to go from cleaning a garden room to washing the car or the steps of stone or concrete. It guarantees regular cleaning of the most soiled surfaces due to 60 m² / h.

Pressure-regulating spray gun handle and detergent flow (Full Control Plus Power handle)

Adjust the pressure of the lance and the flow of detergent on Kärcher

Full Control Plus Power Gun Handle

This pistol grip has +/- buttons for adjusting the pressure and the flow of the detergent. An LCD screen permanently adjusts the pressure required for all materials and surfaces at all times, from the most delicate to the most resistant.
The reading is done directly on the screen allowing the optimal combinations for a given work.

Easy replacement of the detergent cartridge

Replace the detergent cartridge of a Kärcher

Replacing the detergent cartridge

Thanks to the system "Plug 'n' Clean", the detergent cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily, in one movement. The perforation of the cartridge is effortless. The unit comes with a 1-liter cartridge of cleaner for stone and facades.

Storing pistol grip and lance

Ranger pistol grip and lance of a Kärcher

Storage of the spear

The pistol grip equipped with the lance can be stored in the housing provided for this purpose on the device, thus remaining constantly at hand. The telescopic handle of the cleaner is retractable which allows a particularly comfortable height of movement and storage. Benefiting from a very low center of gravity, the device is particularly stable. The unwinding of the hose is also very easy.

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Kärcher is the specialist in cleaning solutions, outdoor maintenance and intelligent water management.
Innovative high-pressure cleaners, multifunctional vacuums, efficient and robust watering and watering pumps, practical and economical watering controllers and accessories.

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