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From the XVIIIe century, the requirements of shipbuilding have led inventors to propose machines to accelerate the process of planing boards.

1958: the first portable electric plane Makita. - Makita (©)

The hand plane has been known since the dawn of time and is still an essential tool for woodworking. Models dating back to Roman times have been found which are not very different from those of today.

It must be possible to quickly prepare large quantities of materials for the hull of ships. Samuel Bentham, engineer and naval architect English, filed between 1791 and 1793 the first patents of a planing table. Ancestor of our woodworking machines, the knife roll is powered by a steam engine. Samuel and his brother Jeremy founded the company Woodsworth which multiplies the improvements of this machine throughout the XIXe century.

Makita Electric Planer

During the First World War, the first patents of a portable plane were filed in the United States. Two power systems are used: compressed air and electricity.
In the aftermath of the Second World War, the electric plane, as we know it, made its appearance.
But it is in Japan that the company Makita proposes, in 1958, the first portable electric planer produced in large quantities. Since then, all major brands have contributed to strengthening safety, performance (battery power, acceleration of the rotation of the roller...) and toolability.

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