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When the wallpaper is torn or scuffed locally, there is no need to completely replace the wallpaper. An express patch is enough. Manual.

Torn wallpaper

Cutting a piece of wallpaper

  • Mark the surface to be repaired by drawing a square or rectangle in pencil.
  • Cut a piece of wallpaper a little bigger, by juxtaposing the patterns.

Cutter wallpaper notch

  • Lay the cutout on the damaged part.
  • Use a ruler (placed 1 mm outside the pencil line) and cut the two layers of wallpaper with a cutter.

Remove the underlayment before gluing the wallpaper

  • Remove the remaining parts of the damaged wallpaper on the wall.
  • Peel off the underlay for avoid any extra thickness.

Paste the piece of paper to hide the damaged part

  • Stick the patch (sticky paper glue or repositionable glue aerosol sold in supermarkets).
  • Erase the pencil marks.


If you do not have a fall of the same wallpaper, take a piece in a discreet place (behind a piece of furniture for example).

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