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Tinker without breaking the bank: tips and tricks

DIY is a growing business for many years, which fascinates more and more French. However, this hobby can quickly prove to be more expensive than expected. Thus, instead of saving a few euros by doing things by oneself, it is not unusual to ruin oneself by buying tools or expensive materials. That's why this week, HandymakerDuanche offers you to discover how to tinker without emptying your bank account.

Tools at lower cost

Whether it's some plumbing repairs, renovating old furniture or simply maintaining your home properly, DIY calls for a well-stocked tool kit. Only to constitute the panoply of the perfect handyman, it is generally necessary to spend a small fortune. However to reduce the costs it is possible to rent, or better to be done if possible lend the time of a building site the big tools of which you will have very rarely the utility. Indeed, some tools are only used punctually such as spray guns, floor sanders or jackhammers.

Moreover, for the small tools do not hesitate to provide you on the market of the occasion, in particular on the Internet sites of classified advertisements or flea markets where you will sometimes find quality material at discounted price. However, be careful to buy only major brands which remains a guarantee of quality and feel free to try the tool. In addition, you will do good business at discounters specializing in DIY. However, in this type of store, it is better to avoid the very first prices, often of poor quality otherwise you risk buying a single-use tool. Finally, on the internet you will easily find end-of-series sold at low prices or flash sales with discounts of up to 70% of the original price.

Materials at bargain prices

Tinker without breaking the bank: tips and tricks: breaking

In addition to tools, DIY also requires materials whose bill can sometimes be very high, especially in large quantities. Thus, to limit the expenses you can for example recover falls in the skips of some professional shipyards or buy end-of-work lots to individuals, like bags of cement, tiling or pots of paint, or even benefit free via a donation site such as

Still on the second-hand market, you will be able to buy large quantities of materials sold by administrations or municipalities at public auctions. It is also possible to save around 20 to 40% of the "mainstream" prices by buying from some wholesalers who agree to work with private individuals. To do this, you must contact several wholesalers in your area and explain your request. To know that at the end of the big fairs intended for the universe of the house or the building, many individuals buy at preferential rates the equipment of demonstration. Finally to save more, you can also sell your surplus at the end of your work.

Free DIY lessons

If you want to learn to tinker, there are solutions just as effective and much cheaper than private lessons or DIY books. Thus, you will find on the internet and in particular on HandymanDuanche, explanatory tutorials and advice of qualified professionals. Some associations or even municipalities also organize DIY workshops. Then, to train yourself on the job, you can also go to a participatory site to acquire new knowledge and meet other DIYers.

To conclude this survey, HandymakerDuenchanche wishes to point out that in some cases, it is unfortunately much more profitable to buy a new product than to make a new one or repair an old one.

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