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Authenticity and elegance... this is probably what best characterizes the very subtle rural chic style in a house. So do not be fooled and get an ideal atmosphere, follow these few decorating tips.

A rural chic house

A rural chic house

For a chic rural feel, go for raw materials

The b.a. BA of a chic rural decoration is above all the choice of materials.

For your furniture, choose raw materials, which are more or less close to the romantic style, namely essentially wood which was not worked too much, but also wrought iron, as well as leather for sofas. For these pieces of furniture, the lines must be straight, without artifice, which differentiates it from the romantic style.

As for accessories, turn to raw wood for photo frames and mirrors, wrought iron for lighting, and materials such as linen for cushions, and finally terracotta or thick glass for your dishes.

The colors of the chic rural atmosphere are muted colors

Be very careful when choosing the colors of your chic rural decor. Indeed, these must not be not too darkSo banish black, brown and navy blue. But they should not be too light, so do not opt ​​for white, pink, yellow, blue or pastel green furniture.

You will rather turn to so-called deaf colors, which means that they should not be too bright. So, you will have to set your sights on taupe colors, lilac, parmes, wine lees, chocolate, powdery roses, etc. In conclusion, the colors you must choose must be thin and not too bright.

Deco accessories are more refined

The basic elements of your rural chic style house are very rudimentary, and the curves are simple. The chic side of the decoration will therefore make sense in the accessories that will enhance your home:

  • Install flowers in the living roomsbut do not take them too romantic (like roses or orchids), nor too rustic, like lavender or wildflowers. Opt for lilacs, freesias etc;
  • IInstall wrought iron candle holders in some rooms, muted colors like the rest of the decoration;
  • You can opt for wicker container, and you can also place some baskets and wooden chests for storage;
  • Opt for flowery curtains, which remind nature and therefore the rural side;
  • Accessorize your armchairs and sofas by cushions also flowery.

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