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Home automation is used to program and control the different equipment in your home. But how does it save energy?

Energy consumption exactly adapted to the needs

Thanks to home automation, your consumption is exactly adapted to your needs and you avoid energy losses. For example:

  • The occupied rooms are at the right temperature and with adequate lighting, while the lights are off and the temperature is lowered in the unoccupied rooms.
  • Roller shutters automatically open at sunrise, so you do not turn on the light when you get up, and you get natural lighting.
  • Etc.

Everything can be optimized to promote energy savings through the automation of your devices! By consuming strictly what you need to do your daily activities, you can save a lot of energy.

An effective solution against omissions

You forgot to turn off a light? You can turn it off remotely from your management interface. This allows you to save money because without a home automation system, you should wait to return home after your work day for example. It is the same for heating appliances, the start of the alarm, etc.

From a distance, you can also completely turn off the devices that have been in standby (this is an important source of energy savings).

Great comfort and easy management of all your equipment

You no longer need to leave your home to close your gate, or go upstairs to turn off the lights. You can control your equipment remotely quickly. So you can intervene very quickly and simply to turn off appliances that consume energy unnecessarily.

Optimize the management of all your equipment related to a home automation system to save energy. Your home automation system could allow you to achieve more than 10% energy savings per year.

Video Instruction: Home Automation and Energy Efficiency