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Radio systems are used to control electrical equipment by remote control. An asset of home automation in case of disability or temporary immobilization.

Home automation: centralizing orders in the house

* VDI communication network, or "voice" (telephony and sound distribution), "data" (Internet, local computer network), "images" (video, multimedia and television).
Home automation can be an asset when it comes to adapting a home to a disability or a temporary immobilization. It avoids moving throughout the house to light up at night or close the shutters.
By coupling different home automation solutions, it is possible to centralize the controls of its electrical equipment (switches, luminaires, sockets, shutter control...) on a remote control.
No need to intervene on the board or draw new wires: radio transmitters and receivers are responsible for transmitting information.
However, always use the same mark to make sure that the devices use the same language (protocol) and are able to communicate.

1 - Remote control luminaires

remote control

A remote control is used to control the light points equipped with receivers from any place in the house.

2 - Radio Controlled Outlets

radio receiver

On all sockets that you wish to control remotely, connect a radio reception socket.

3 - Shutters

motorize and remotely control its shutters

Install receiving modules behind all shutters to be operated with the remote control.

4 - Remote controlled luminaires

connect luminaires to a remote control

Disconnect the luminaires (wall and ceiling) and connect a receiver module.
If they are too big to hide in pots, slide them into the caches.

5 - Remote controlled switches

Remote controlled receiver connection in home automation

Connect the reception modules behind the switches: proceed as detailed for the creation of a back-and-forth without wiring.

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