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In-line clock or control by GSM card or telephone jack: which remote control to manage its connected network?

Home automation and control: remote control and integrated programming

Home automation and built-in clock

home automation programming clock

The shutters can be controlled by a programming clock so that they are automatically activated at a fixed time, according to the days of the week. You can also use an astronomical clock.
This is a module installed in the electrical panel (preferably by a professional) that controls the opening or closing of shutters at sunrise and sunset. The clock is adjusted according to the region and even the season, for example to prevent the shutters open too early during the summer!
* VDI communication network, or "voice" (telephony and sound distribution), "data" (Internet, local computer network), "images" (video, multimedia and television).

Home automation and remote control

transmitter for a phone jack

All home automation controls can be centralized and controlled remotely.
This requiresinstall a transmitter plugged into a telephone jack or equipped with a GSM card if the house does not have a subscription.
The transmitter receives the orders by telephone, either by means of a voice synthesis or on a Smartphone application, and diffuse them to the systems in place in the house.
You can simulate a presence by lighting the lights, trigger the alarm, heating... or even watering.

How to order a boiler remotely?

We would like to be able to start the heating of our second home a few hours before arriving there at the end of the week. What kind of equipment does it take?
Christian Pessey's answer:
The boiler of a central heating plant can be controlled remotely for a long time by a telephone transmitter.
The novelty comes from the possibility of doing it via a "box" such as that used to receive television and to call. There are applications that can be used from a tablet or smartphone that make it very easy to remotely control or regulate a heating installation, with a minimum of boiler equipment.
This type of application can also control the operation of shutters, lighting or the alarm system of the house.

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