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Home automation at the service of security

With 335,100 burglaries recorded by INSEE in 2006, France, like its European neighbors, is hit hard by a feeling of insecurity. To protect against break-ins, home automation uses the latest technologies and offers us many more ingenious solutions. Between alarms, video surveillance, videophones, central and new generation locks, it is not always easy to navigate and determine which solution is best suited. To help you choose the best equipment, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover what is happening again in home automation to secure your home.

When home automation meets alarms

Always more efficient, alarm panels coupled with home automation are constantly modernizing to preserve our homes unwanted visitors.Better prevention than cure! To deter intrusion attempts before they even begin, home automation alarms create the illusion of your presence. When alerted by motion sensors, broken glass or opening doors and windows, the simulator can gradually turn on your lights at any time, turn on the radio and even trigger false barking, which tends to dissuade ill-intentioned people to enter your home. In addition, internal microphones, well hidden, allow you to constantly listen to what is happening at home in your absence. If the burglars still come in, sirens up to 95 dB will fire, the lights will flash and a phone dialer will call one to six people, broadcasting a pre-recorded alert message by you. With these new alarms easy to install and activate, the thieves are not at the end of their sentences.

When home automation meets 3G

Control your home via your mobile

Observe and control everything that is happening at home is now possible from his mobile thanks to the third generation of phones. Marketed in the USA, by the AT & T operator, this video-surveillance system consists of a control unit, a rotating camera, a door and window opening sensor as well as PLC adapters (current carrier) that can perform orders on the power grid. About fifteen phones and PDA (personal assistant), compatible with this offer, once connected to the internet to keep an eye permanently in his house, for a subscription of 7 euros per month and a basic investment of about 130 euros for the kit to install at home. If this concept has not yet crossed our borders, hope that the French operators will not delay to provide us this type of service.

When home automation meets biometrics

At the forefront of technology, biometrics (identification of people by their physical characteristics) tackles home automation with fingerprint door handles. To secure your door without having to worry about keys, these new burglar-proof handles are available from 300 euros. Simple and quick to install, these handles, which work with a battery system, are designed to fit all types of doors and do not require any special knowledge. Note that a spare key will allow you to open your door if necessary.

When security meets design

Secure your habitat with biometrics

Aesthetic but also practical, the Domotag is a wireless alarm system at the cutting edge of progress and design. This discreet pyramid developed in collaboration with the CNRS allows you to secure your home during your absence but also in your presence. This additional option also allows you to let your pet circulate freely without risk of triggering the alarm device. With a remote control connected to the telephone network, the Domotag can be particularly useful for the elderly in case of discomfort. Available from 800 euros, this product seems to be positioned in the high-end, especially as the bill climbs very quickly when we add the detectors, sirens and remote controls, options that are essential to the proper functioning of the system.

The limits of home automation

While the progress and comfort of home automation and its new security technologies are well established, we still allow ourselves to make some reservations. Knowing that no system is infallible, everything suggests that smart little ones will soon exploit the flaws. What would happen if CCTV systems that go through the Internet were to be hacked?

For more safety, HandymanDuanche recommends that aficionados of home automation regularly change their access codes, secure their facilities as much as possible and remain discreet about the solution used.

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