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Control your mower with your smartphone

If the home automation is already well installed inside the houses, it also makes its appearance in the garden. Connected objects automate and simplify certain maintenance tasks while improving the security of the premises. Connected vegetable garden, automatic watering that takes into account the hygrometry, smart lawnmowers and progressive lighting make the garden definitely turn into the XXIe century.

What is home automation?

We talk about home automation to designate all the technologies that make it possible to manage automatically elements related to the house. Home automation brings together the connected objects which are interconnected to create a system that will improve the safety and comfort of the premises, or allow better communication. If the word immediately provokes futuristic visions, domotics is already a well-established reality: electric gates, shuttlecocks with centralized opening and closing or mini-weather stations are elements of home automation. In recent years, home automation has made a technological leap and sophisticated systems have emerged.

Home automation for the garden

The garden and the outside of the house are not left behind! The two main poles of home automation in the garden are mainly theinterview (mowing, watering, etc.) and the security (lighting, motorization of openings, etc.). Comfort and energy savings are also impacted by recent developments in home automation in the garden.

Easy garden maintenance thanks to home automation

Mow, water, monitor: all the maintenance operations necessary for a lush garden and vegetable garden can be facilitated, or even completely delegated, thanks to connected objects. These systems are easy to install and are not necessarily expensive.

Mowing independently

Close cousin of autonomous vacuums, the robot mower Smart moves alone on the lawn to mow as needed. Indeed, these materials are able to mow up to 1200 m² of land and decide alone the need - or not - to proceed with cutting by measuring the height of the strands. Their autonomy is about 2 hours on average, after which they must be recharged via a mains power supply (it may be wise to provide a battery backup) to which the machine comes to connect automatically. The more advanced models can mow on light to steep slopes and leave no mowed streaks along barriers and walls.

Intelligent automatic watering

The automatic watering in the garden is not new: buried or on the surface, it facilitates the life of "green hands" for decades. On the other hand, the arrival of connected systems makes it possible tosignificantly refine the watering parameters. Connected to a weather Channel or to a humidity sensor or to a rain gauge, the watering system can estimate the quantity of adequate water to provide to the garden or vegetable garden. Thanks to Smartphone applications, the worried gardener can even control remote watering.
By connecting an automatic watering system to a water recuperator, the savings are maximized: the water is recovered and used wisely.

Flowers and vegetables also have the right to their home help

Connected flower pots and garden gardening assistants are responsible for facilitating the proper growth of vegetables and flower beds! These connected home automation systems will be primarily responsible for taking measurements (soil quality and humidity, soil drought, etc.) for notify the gardener of the maintenance operations to be carried out. Solar collectors and applications dedicated to the planting and picking cycle complete the offer.

Security and tranquility thanks to home automation

The garden is, in essence, a place in which one moves, day and night. To maximize the safety of travel and places, there are many home automation solutions.

Automatic lighting to move safely

To secure travel, the implementation of an automated lighting system is essential. of the bounds automatic or projectors associated with motion sensors allow the lights to come on at the slightest movement, without having to go to a switch. This type of device also makes it possible to be informed of the intruder's movements and to realize substantial savings of electricity. They also make it more appropriate to install a video phone or video intercom, which will verify the identity of visitors before granting them access to the home, including in the evening. The most modern systems can also modulate the light intensity according to the time and position of the sun.

Automated opening for the portal

Even though this type of system has been around for a long time, in gardens, automatic gates are many elements of home automation! The devices are nevertheless improving and can now be coupled with simultaneous opening of shutters or with the triggering of lighting in the garden. This type of system can also be programmed to simulate a human presence in case of prolonged absence during the holidays.
The gate operator is available as a self-installing gate motor kit. The engine, which will operate the opening process leaf (or leaves, in the case of a swing gate operator), may benefit from a solar power (thanks to a photovoltaic kit).

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