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Home automation, technology serving the home.

The word domotics, a contraction resulting from the Latin domus (the house) and the suffix -tique relative to informatics, brings together all the techniques and technologies that make it possible to automate and supervise a large part of the services present in the habitat.. Particularly developed in recent years, home automation is becoming more accessible to individual homes. It gives us more comfort and safety in everyday life. This week HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the many applications of home automation in the house.

Automate to better rule

You dreamed to open your shutters or activate your hob without having to go out of your sofa? Home automation did it. Applied to all areas of the home, home automation simplifies your life with many remote control systems and remote controls. A wide range of automated shutters is now available at very acceptable prices. It is now possible to program the closing and opening of your blinds, Velux and shutters according to the sunlight, detected by a sensor system. You can also control them with a remote control. Far from being limited to shutters, home automation addresses all areas of housing, from the garden to the attic, integrating with an ever-increasing number of appliances. Currently the sectors concerned are boilers, alarm systems, air conditioners, detectors, lamps, shutters, washing machines, alarm clocks, coffee makers, refrigerators, digital locks, cameras and intercoms. The possibilities are endless and continue to grow. You can switch on and even remotely program your heating via the Internet.

The magic of new technologies

It is by using advanced technologies that home automation allows us to communicate with our habitat, making our lives more enjoyable. All of its techniques are the fruit of a long work of research and studies in disciplines such as electrical engineering, computer science, multimedia, telematics, electricity or electronics. To transmit the information from one device to another, several transmission modes are possible, wireless radio waves (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), infrared, powerline, digital signature or Ethernet cable and via internet interface.

"Domotiser" to better secure

Home automation at the service of security

Home automation also offers many possibilities for surveillance. With the help of a camera or an alarm or motion detection system, you can now monitor your home remotely. Some companies offer you video surveillance systems via the internet, connected to a control panel, warning you by e-mail or SMS in case of intrusion into your home, or even intervening on site if necessary. You can see and hear everything that happens in your absence, or take a discreet look in your children's room with new technologies.

"Domotize" to save

With home automation, it is also possible to achieve significant savings. On the principle of the well-known laundered washing start of washing machines users, you can program your automatic watering, or the filtration and heating systems of your pool to trigger in off-peak hours. It is the same for some new generation boilers with an automatic igniter that can be programmed and in some cases trigger or stop remotely.

If home automation is booming, HandymanDuanche is still somewhat cautious about it. With the inadvertent triggering of many security alarms and existing faults in the systems, it is better to wait a while before fully automating your home. If, however, the adventure tempts you we recommend the software homeseer able to control all the home automation systems of a house. Home automation is increasingly present in our homes, Handyman DuPanche will soon devote a complete file to keep you informed of the latest news.

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