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At a time when we encourage you to heat better and consume less, it is not always easy to choose the energy best suited to your situation and the most economical. Between natural gas, propane, fuel oil or wood, each has its advantages and disadvantages. There are also free energies such as air or water. A quick tour to help make a choice.

Heating the house: which energy to choose?

Heating the house: which energy to choose?

The different energies to heat your house

electricity is the simplest and most practical energy on a daily basis. It is easy to program a heater, turn it off or turn it on. But electricity is very expensive and not at all ecological.

Natural gas is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than electricity and provides a homogenous and pleasant heat to your home. Installing a gas heating system, however, is very expensive and requires that you are near the gas network to connect.

Propane is a good alternative when you can not connect to city gas.
With fuel oil, they also offer a very nice warmth to your home. However, you need a space to have a storage tank. Although they are cheaper than electricity, gas and oil are subject to market price increases and are increasingly expensive. To heat fuel oil or gas, it is recommended to install a high-condensing boiler that restores more energy than it consumes.

The wood stove or the wood boiler are the most popular of all. In fact, wood, in addition to having a high calorific value, is an ecological energy, renewable and economic because its price is stable. Pellet boilers (or pellets) or condensed logs are a great success in the world of heating. The storage space is certainly necessary but less.

Heat pumps use the energy produced by nature, which is obviously free. An aerothermal heat pump draws energy from the air while a geothermal heat pump draws heat from the ground or groundwater. They are ideal for a heated floor or to heat the water circulating in the pipes of your radiators.

Then you choose the solution that best meets your expectations and will fit into your budget because replacing a heating system is not a decision to be taken lightly.

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