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The purpose of homeowners insurance is to protect tenants and homeowners by compensating them for damage. The different needs of housing protection and the budgets of each one explain that the insurance offers various guarantees, with the benefits and the particular options.

The minimum legal insurance that it is required to have is insurance against rental risks. This insurance indemnifies the tenant or the owner occupying his home in case of water damage, explosion or fire. It covers only damage to the building. With regard to the damage done to the neighbors, you must subscribe the option recourse of neighbors and third parties to obtain compensation otherwise the costs of repair will be entirely the responsibility of the tenant or owner occupying the housing. In addition, this minimum insurance does not provide for the reimbursement of furniture in the building.

Multi-risk insurance

To be better protected against risks and accidents that may occur in your home, insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance. Typically, this includes coverage against major hazards such as fire, water damage, flood, theft, vandalism, ice breakage and storms, as well as liability insurance that covers damage to third.

Multi-risk insurance provides the insured the guarantee of being indemnified in the event of the occurrence of these main risks. The furniture in the building is also covered. An accurate valuation of the property allows for the reimbursement of property damaged or destroyed in an accident.

Additional guarantees depending on the type of housing and property

Each individual has specific needs according to their housing, equipment he owns or his way of life. Thus, it is possible to provide special protections when one wishes to cover a garden, a swimming pool or sports equipment for example. You can also ensure solar panels in case of storm or hail that choose an option that will qualify for legal aid.
It is up to those who want to buy home insurance to assess their needs and assets and to provide the most adequate protection. Maximum protection is certainly reassuring, but an inventory of its needs and the importance of each service makes it possible to avoid paying expensive contributions while the guarantee is not of real interest.

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