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Home-sitting: babysitting otherwise.

After babysitting and dog-sitting, a new concept comes straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries: home-sitting. As you will most certainly understand, it is a question of having your house guarded during your holidays. Much more efficient and less expensive than video surveillance cameras or alarms of all kinds, the human presence offers many advantages. That's why, this week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover or to adopt the home-sitting.

On the side of the owners.

On the owners' side

By opting for home-sitting, you can go on vacation, extended weekend or business trip with peace of mind. During your absence, volunteer retirees will occupy your home and maintain the site by watering the plants and the garden, taking care of your pets, cleaning your home, or maintaining the pool. This will considerably reduce the risk of burglary and will find your home as if you had never left. Testimony of Mrs. Françoise H. (Cannes), collected on "We live only six months a year in our second home and we have been burglarized several times. For ten years, we have been using home-sitting to keep our property the rest of the time. Since then, we have never been robbed and when we return home, our house is "heated" and maintained. "

On the side of home-sitters.

On the side of home-sitters

Ideal for going on holiday at lower cost, home-sitting allows selected retirees to travel across France and overseas departments. In exchange for small services, home-sitters enjoy a selection of houses and apartments handpicked. They will discover new regions throughout the year, while expanding their circle of knowledge and sometimes meeting beautiful owners and neighbors. Testimonial of a retired couple on "Our retirement budget did not allow us to go on vacation often. The solution of home-sitting was for us a source of escape and discovery. The residences we keep are carefully selected. In addition, we like to help and take care of animals. "

The practical aspects.

Practical aspects

The home-sitting is managed by various specialized security companies, which rely on networks of retired volunteers and selected voluntary owners through their websites. These organizations start and sort the most suitable profiles. To qualify to enter the closed circle of these owners, it will be necessary to pay a service fee ranging from fifty to four hundred euros, depending on the time of guarding. As for pensioners, they must be able to provide a file attesting to their seriousness with many supporting documents (passport photos, criminal record extract, civil liability insurance certificate, etc.). Once this first step is over, they will be subject to an interview and will have to pay an annual membership of about fifty euros. They will then receive, very regularly, proposals of stay throughout the country.

If the adventure of home-sitting interests you and that you think to correspond to the different criteria, do not hesitate to inquire by consulting these few specialized sites:

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