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We bought, two years ago now, a 1970 wood-frame house covered with cinder block. Today we discover cracks on the outer walls of larger and larger. My husband dug at the corner of the house and realized that there was no foundation or very light. Do you think we have recourse to sellers or insurance. Because it will generate us expenses and especially for the resale of the house garlic garlic !!!!!!

Obviously, the house you bought was not really built "in the rules of the art". Nevertheless, unless your seller has assured you, for example, that the foundations were deep (the opposite being a hidden defect), you are supposed to have had the time and means to become aware of the nature of the building you were buying. You must have, too, certainly had communication of the various mandatory diagnoses two years ago. I do not think, under these conditions, that you can exercise any recourse against the seller, unless you can prove that he has deceived you about the nature of your house. If this were the case, it would be necessary to bring a citation for cancellation of sale or price reduction, which would have little chance of succeeding given the delay between the acquisition and the possible discovery of latent defects (2 years). Consult the notary who made the sale.

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