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Insulation of a house

As the debate rages around the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreements on the future of the planet, let us ask ourselves if, at the level of each of our houses, we can not make a good gesture for the planet: the reduction of our energy consumption is at hand, with good insulation of the attic by wool blown with rolled glass wool on the floor or by making a dry screed. The insulation of the roof panels, from the inside or the outside will also help to gain living areas. The insulation of the walls by the interior or the insulation by the outside are essential, as well as that of the floors by the ceiling of the basement Of course, it will undoubtedly be necessary to replace the windows and also to think about a system of virtuous heating, wood stove, stove or pellet boiler or heat pump (PAC). Solutions exist: just implement them.

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  • How to insulate converted attics
  • Insulation of the attic walls from the inside

A well insulated and well heated house for the future of the planet: heated

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