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Whether it comes from outside (conversation...) or from inside a room (footstep, music...) a noise is a nuisance particularly difficult for most of us. To avoid discomfort but also to avoid creating it, Placo plasterboard® Phonique is perfect.

A house without noise nuisance

A plate that limits noise

A plate that limits noise

In the new as in renovation the use of Placo plasterboard® Phonic in a structure allows a reduction of 50% of the noise nuisance is a + 3dB gain compared to a standard plasterboard work. Sufficient performance to effectively isolate a room noise from an adjoining room like the living room. Recognizable by its blue color this plasterboard is used in all rooms of the house and is available in 60 cm wide version for the most difficult to access. Its implementation on metal frame is identical to that of other types of drywall.

For a low thickness solution...

To further enhance the acoustic performance of a partition without sacrificing living space, use the Placo acoustic underlayment® Sound. This underlay, which has the appearance of a glue and is applied directly with a comb on the back of the plate Placo® Phonique, acts like an acoustic film saving around 5 dB. A particularly effective solution on hollow brick walls coated, plasterboard or plasterboard. On the other hand, it is not suitable for concrete walls.

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Placo® dBstation®: a simulator for more silence

Placo® dBstation®: a simulator for more silence

Developed by Placo®, the free application Placo® dBstation® is a simulator that compares the acoustic performance of Placo products and solutions®. Whether on computer, tablet or smartphone (App Store) Placo® dBstation® is an ideal tool for knowingly choosing the most appropriate implementation to solve your problem in both new and renovation. Its operation is simple since it is enough to connect your headphones, then launch the application.
Two solutions to use this application:

• By comparing the solutions drawn from a database of 15 proposals for partitions, interior lining, ceilings and roofs according to the noise you want to fight against (vacuum cleaner noise, television, animated evening) ).

• Either by evaluating the impact of proposed acoustic solutions in everyday situations from scenarios of noise pollution situations such as a home video installation in neighbors, a noisy conversation in the next room or even the proximity of an airport.

Acoustic treatment solution

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