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The houses in beam post.

The beam-beam houses are worthy heirs to the half-timbered houses that can be found in Normandy and Alsace. However, this technique remains unknown to the general public and represents only 5% of the market for wooden houses. That's why in this second part of the file dedicated to them, HandymakerTuDimanche invites you to discover the post beam, a construction technique that deserves to be known.

The beam column technique.

The houses in beam post.: houses

The beam post is a construction technique that uses vertical posts of the same size, supporting wooden beams with strong horizontal sections. These posts are placed between two and five meters apart, at regular intervals. This supporting structure is usually made from solid wood, laminated or laminated. Its solidity is ensured by an assembly of interlocking systems (oak dowels, hard wood keys or metal bolts). Moreover, it is mostly preassembled in the workshop before being mounted on site. Finally, the skeleton of the house can be isolated and then covered in various ways, as well with wood with stone or concrete... Note that the post-beam is ideal for the self-construction of straw houses.

The pros and cons.

By their structure, the beam-beam buildings have the advantage of allowing large-scale constructions, both dwellings and places receiving public. In addition, they are able to withstand earthquakes, landslides and landslides, making them prime habitats for risk areas. The beam-beam houses are also appreciated for the architectural freedom that they offer, thus making it possible to realize large glazed openings, but also houses of all styles as well contemporary as traditional or ecological. In addition, the thermal bridges are avoided because the insulation is placed between the amounts of the structure. However, if the construction time remains relatively short compared to the bricked houses it seems long compared to other wooden houses, nearly twice as much. Similarly, their rates are higher with an average of between 1400 and 2000 euros per square meter. Finally, we regret that in France it is not easy to find a qualified contractor for this type of construction.

The stages of construction.

The construction out of air and out of water of a house in post beam takes on average between six months and a year. First, the preliminary project is to find a building plot then a qualified contractor with whom to carry out the plans of the house while applying for a building permit. Namely that the building permit may take some time and it is better to have an architect help you to build your file. In the second place, it will be necessary to dig and install the water inflow, then level the ground and pour the foundations. The next and not least step is the construction of the house structure as well as its filling. Then, it will be the turn of the frame and the roof to see the day. In addition, it will be necessary to isolate the house then to attack the interior joinery, the finishing work as well as finishing.

Finally, if beam stud construction is of interest to you for your individual home, DuitDesign encourages you to go to the trade shows specialized in wood construction to meet a maximum of entrepreneurs and do your market research.

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