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The design of extractor hoods does not generally offer a diversified choice of materials, shapes and sizes, which distinguishes the decorative hood. Contrary to what might be implied by its name, it is not simply an ornamental object, but a performance hood.

The decorative hood

The decorative hood

The decorative hood, an ultra trendy appliance

All the interest of the decorative hood lies in its style that combines design and performance. It differs from other hoods by an original and very modern. In addition, it allows complete freedom in the layout of the kitchen since it can be wall, placed in the corner of a wall or installed in an island.

This design hood is available in multiple forms:

  • plane
  • contoured
  • V
  • circular
  • cylindrical
  • rounded
  • etc.

The materials used in the design of the decorative hood are also numerous, responding to current decorative trends:

  • stainless
  • aluminum
  • the glass and stainless steel mixture
  • the stainless steel and colored enamel mixture

Available widths of the decorative hood: 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm.

Always equipped with a barrel, also called chimney, the decorative hood is generally provided with a system of adjustment making it possible to modulate the height of its conduit.

Decorative hood and kitchen layout

It is therefore possible to install this appliance in different ways.

  • The decorative wall hood

This is the model offering the most varieties of original forms, which allows to personalize the space of the kitchen.
As the name suggests, it is fixed to the wall above the hotplates. A fairly standard layout, allowed by all extractor hoods.
However, it is still original, since many of these models are specially designed to be fixed in the corner of a wall.

  • The decorative hood islet

The hood is called central since it is installed in the center of the kitchen, above a cooking plan also in island. It is not fixed on the wall, but on the ceiling.
Although more complex to install, the decorative island hood has the advantage of being more efficient. It has a large suction area.
Again, the designs proposed for this hood are numerous and particularly original.

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