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I will install a 90 cm decorative hood in the corner of my future kitchen and I would like to know what filtration to use (recycling or evacuation) knowing that there is a vmc 2m from the hood and an insert in the same room ( open kitchen)

Direct exhaust filtration is always superior to recycling, mainly because it allows the evacuation of water vapor. It is still necessary to have a conduit which does not seem to be the case. I remind you that it is forbidden to connect a range hood to a VMC. You have no choice; filtration is required. Clean the grease filter regularly and replace the activated charcoal filter as necessary. As for the steam, the VMC will take care of it...

Several cards deal with the subject in the site, one showing the INSTALLATION OF A DECORATIVE KITCHEN HOOD of the very latest generation. You will also find a card on the CHOICE OF CHOICES of a kitchen hood.

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