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The extractor hood is a particularly practical model of extractor hood that fits perfectly in our modern kitchens. Discreet, efficient and compact, it is an effective solution for kitchens with little space.

A telescopic kitchen hood, what is it?

The drawer hood, also called telescopic hood, has the advantage of being particularly discreet.

Indeed, it holds its denomination of its ability to integrate directly into a piece of furniture, usually called extractor cabinetmaking it invisible when it does not work.

  • Only his frontal control panel remains accessible.
  • The hood comes on when the sliding sliding part (the drawer) is opened and goes out when it is retracted. A feature that it shares with the retractable hood.

To note: The extractor cabinet is partially filled by the fan motor of the device. If you opt for a system in external evacuation rather than in recycling, the conduit will then have to cross this piece of furniture.

Its singularities make the telescopic hood the ideal vacuuming equipment for small, simple and discreet kitchens. It adapts perfectly to small rooms that do not have much space for cooking. Practical, it is possible to include additional storage space above the device.

Technical characteristics and design of the drawer hood

Despite its discretion, the telescopic hood is nonetheless a true complete suction equipment:

  • his debit average oscillates between 400 and 900 m3 / h
  • his dimensions vary from 60 cm to 90 cm wide
  • she has a speed regulator allowing up to three suction levels according to needs
  • the telescopic hood works by evacuation, in recycling mode and can be mixed
  • it has halogen lamps to illuminate the hob
  • it is equipped with a check valve

Extractor hoods are an integral part of a kitchen's style. Thanks to a sleek extra flat design, the telescopic hood fits perfectly in modern kitchens:

  • hood and front panel in stainless steel anti-trace
  • visible headband in black, white or mirror glass

The price of the extractor hood oscillates between 150 € (for an entry level) and 650 € (for a range hood).

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