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All extractor hoods are composed of a relatively similar air intake system. What makes the difference between an exhaust hood and a recycling hood is the ventilation system. Explanation, and focus on the exhaust hood.

Principle of operation of an exhaust hood

The operation of the exhaust hood, also called extraction hood, is based on:

  • an air suction system ca motor and a fan
  • a system of evacuation or ventilation of the air consisting of filters and a vent

The motor and the fan suck the cooking fumes. Once aspirated, these fumes pass through a molecular sensor composed of braided metal filters. Filters trap particles while fumes and odors are released into an exhaust duct that is outward.
Warning: this conduit must not be connected to your VMC. It is essential to maintain a flow of air in the kitchen. It is therefore a single duct, from the kitchen to a vent located on the facade or on the roof of the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of the extractor hood

The exhaust hood is more efficient in the sense that the fats and fumes are not transformed, they are rejected to the outside. There is no risk of smell! Another advantage of the exhaust hood: the duct giving outward, it is possible to install the motor of the device itself outdoors. This reduces the noise caused by the operation of the device.

However the installation of an exhaust hood is heavier. In addition to the hood, you must install a duct, an exhaust opening on the facade or on the roof, and sometimes the engine outside. The power of the appliance is closely related to its installation: to avoid any loss of power, the exhaust duct must be as short as possible.

Price of an exhaust hood

The price of an extractor hood depends on its ventilation mode but also its design, its installation, its power. As a result, you will find exhaust hoods at all prices, from € 100 to € 1,500 approximately. The hooded hoods are the most affordable, from around € 80, while the design and decorative hoods can reach more than € 1,500.

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