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Everyone dreams of a quiet kitchen. A kitchen without the noise of a dishwasher, an oven with a rotating heat, an extractor hood... Is this dream possible? Focus on silent hoods.

What does the sound level of a fume hood depend on?

Unfortunately the term silent hood should not be taken literally: a hood will always emit a minimum of noise relating to its operation, whether for suction, ventilation or air evacuation. The sound level of a fume hood varies simply according to:

  • the power of the device: the higher the speed, the noisier the hood
  • cleanliness of the filters and the maintenance of the hood
  • of its dimension
  • of the power of the air flow

The sound level is relative to the power of the hood but in no case to its effectiveness. Some brands offer hood models that are both more efficient and quieter; a decrease in sound level is allowed through the use of sound-absorbing materials or sound absorbers.

A silent hood, for what sound level?

The sound level of an extractor hood is always indicated by the manufacturers according to the standards in force and according to a European interprofessional agreement dating from 2009. A label allows you to apprehend the sound level of the device, indicated in decibels acoustic (dB (1) Re1 pW).

This indication corresponds to the sound level of the device at low speed, and not at full power. A conventional fume hood operates on average at 45 dB acoustic while a so-called silent fume hood reaches 35 dB at 40 dB during start-up and in normal operation, and 60 dB at full speed.

How to get a silent hood?

The silent hoods presented as such will not offer you absolute silence. For proper operation, air suction and ventilation, extractor hoods will always emit a minimum of decibels. There is however a process that allows you to enjoy a much quieter hood.

For exhaust hoods, some manufacturers offer to install the exhaust air motor outside the kitchen. It is then simply connected to the hood by cables. This separation of the interior and exterior reduces the noise of the hood in your kitchen without reducing its effectiveness.

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