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ALDES ventilation specialist offers T.FLOW® Hygro + a connected solution that combines domestic hot water production and ventilation to reduce the energy bill and increase the thermal comfort of the house.

T.FLOW hygro +

Decrease the energy bill

Benefiting from healthy air in the home and producing domestic hot water (DHW) accounts for up to 65% of a home's energy consumption. With this in mind ALDES has developed the combined solution T.FLOW® Hygro + connected. It recovers the calories contained in the extracted air to heat the water.

Pilot and monitor the consumption of domestic hot water

ALDES CONNECT application

Connected solution, T.FLOW® Hygro + connected is piloting from a smartphone. TheALDES CONNECT app TM allows to control in real time the hot water level of the thermodynamic water heater and to monitor the water consumption. With 4 modes of programming (Holidays, guests, Auto and Boost) it also allows to control the production of domestic hot water according to the needs.

Unmatched performance

With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.01 T.FLOW® Hygro + connected offers excellent performance level and can produce up to 75% of domestic hot water free of charge. So for a family of 2 to 6 people T.FLOW® Hygro + connected ensures daily hot water production up to 600 liters. These performances make it eligible for the tax credit provided that the installation and supply is carried out by a qualified professional RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

Classified A T.FLOW® Hygro + connected is the thermodynamic water heater on air extract the quieter, since in detached house it displays a sound level of less than 28 dB (A) and in apartment a level lower than 21 dB (A).

A suitable installation for houses and homes

To cover all needs, T.FLOW® Hygro + connected can be installed in:

  • Individual house: Available in Humidity (built-in fan) or Self-adjustable version.
  • Collective housing: Suitable for installation with remote fan and possibly connected to several T.FLOW® hygro +
Finally, with a compact footprint 57cm wide T.FLOW® Hygro + connected easily integrates into a closet of 600 x 600 mm or a laundry room. The connections located on the front panel facilitate the implementation, whether in renovation or in the new one.

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