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Regardless of the energy that powers a water heater, the hot water tank requires some heating time to bring the water to the correct temperature. Useful information to know for optimal use of your water heater.

What is the heating time for my hot water tank?

The water heater equipped with a hot water tank necessarily requires time for the heating of the water:

Gas water heaterElectric water heaterThermodynamic water heater
When the hot water stored in the tank is used, the cold water replaces it to bring it to the correct temperature.
A thermostat turns on the water heater and turns it off.
Hot water is stored at the top of the cumulus, while cold water is kept at the bottom of the tank. It replaces the hot water once it is exhausted.
The thermostat and the resistance (both electric) regulate the water temperature.
The thermodynamic water heater works like an aerothermal heat pump, thanks to the calories present in the air.
These calories warm the heat transfer liquid which transmits this heat to the balloon.
Heating time
Can be reduced to 1 hour for a 300-liter balloon (high-end model).We heat the water on 6 to 8h or continuously.About 8h (250 L balloon)

Heating time of a hot water tank, the right temperature

The heating time of a hot water tank therefore varies according to several criteria:

  • the power of the water heater
  • its capacity (in liter)
  • the energy that feeds it
  • the temperature to reach

For this last element, it should be noted that properly adjust the temperature of the water heater is essential to ensure the comfort of use of the water heater, and to achieve significant energy and financial savings.

Water heated to 50° C limits the scaling of the water heater, but the recommended ideal temperature is between 60 and 65° C.

Less than 60° CMore than 65° C
- Risk of legionellosis
- Hygiene deficit
- discomfort
- Burn
- Performance decree
- Increase in energy consumption
- Increase of limestone deposit

To note: Sometimes the need for hot water increases (for example, the multiplication of the number of users). There is then a function of "forced march" to start the heating of the water.

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