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Alarms are an area where manufacturers sometimes offer very high prices. To acquire a quality alarm at a reasonable cost, follow our advice!

Solutions for a cheap alarm

Acquiring a security system to protect your home is not necessarily expensive if the project is well thought out. A security system is only effective when it is well placed. For example, there is no need to equip the outside of infrared cameras, very expensive, if the public or external lighting is sufficient. You can save money with a reasonable and well thought out project. It is also essential to stick to your project. Indeed, some professionals can offer attractive products but not necessarily adapted to your needs.

In a second time, the installation must also be designed so as to make the most savings possible. For example, if you are building your house, installing a wired alarm is very useful. Indeed, it requires to pass cables in the walls. On the other hand, a wireless alarm is preferred both for homes already built but also for small budgets because its installation does not require major work.

What are the cheapest alarms?

There is today a wide choice of alarms, in all price ranges. The price of a home alarm varies depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the product and its features. It is inadvisable to buy a low-end alarm from an unreliable manufacturer. If you have to replace it in the short term, you will have lost money. Investing in a quality product, tailored to your needs is the best solution for long-term savings, while being satisfied.

The cheapest alarms to buy are the wired alarms but they require major work and the intervention of a professional for installation. Count on average 50 € for a basic alarm.

A wireless alarm is a little more expensive to buy but it is easy to install and is not fixed: in case of moving, it can be moved. Its price is around hundred euros.

It is essential to compare prices and features before choosing your cheap home alarm.

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