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The Scandinavian design is not just a famous furniture kit. It is both a concept of decoration and a real way of life highlighting humor and practicality.

A house with Scandinavian decor

A house with Scandinavian decor

What is Scandinavian decoration?

Geographically speaking, Scandinavia includes Sweden and Norway, which share the Scandinavian peninsula. It includes Denmark, which has the same culture, Iceland and Finland. The Scandinavian design appears in the 50s through great creators who divert traditional techniques to create uncluttered wooden furniture and originals. Scandinavian design combines a modernist look with materials of natural origin. From 1955, Ikea popularized the image of Scandinavian design among the general public.

A Scandinavian decor at home in a few steps

The Scandinavian decoration at home must respect certain characteristics. It is therefore necessary that the decoration follows the following main lines:

  • Choose white or natural wood furniture
  • Choose one or two pieces "strong" that stand out for the originality of their design while integrating the dynamic of the room.
  • Add accessories (cushions, carpets, paintings) to bright colors and playful prints to wake the room.
  • Play with transparent materials (glass, resin) and lighting to increase the brightness of the room.
  • Try not to clutter the room with too many superfluous objects. The Scandinavian decoration highlights the practical aspect.
  • For the floor, choose natural wood floors or lightly tinted.
  • The wallpaper will preferably be in pastel colors.

Examples of Scandinavian decorative pieces for your home

Like all decorative styles, the Scandinavian style is recognizable thanks to pieces that have become iconic. Here is a little overview of the furniture and objects that will give a Scandinavian atmosphere in your home:

  • Natural light wood furniture or white wood: a shelf, an Ikea table will do the trick to play the bottom note of your decor.
  • Carpet: for Scandinavian-style rugs you can choose between two options: a graphic low pile carpet with very colorful geometric patterns; or in a more Nordic style a carpet with long hair, white preferably.
  • The seats: in pastel shades, sofas and armchairs will bring the necessary comfort.
  • Colorful cushions and plaids: in addition to bringing a small cozy side, these accessories to give some pep to the decoration of the room.
  • Wall decoration: do not forget your walls! You can afford a little more accumulation on the walls of your room. Take framed posters, nature photos or artist drawings.

Scandinavian decoration is a way of life and a state of mind. Think of a refined but warm room. No need to invest in designer pieces to create your cozy little Nordic nest.

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