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The sixties decor, like all the modes that have succeeded one another, returns to the front of the stage. Bright colors with outsized patterns, the sixties trend is characterized by a real burst of freshness and cheerfulness.

A house with sixties decor: bright colors and patterns galore!

A house with sixties decor: bright colors and patterns galore!

Colors and prints of a sixties decoration

The sixties decor stands out mainly for its bright colors and graphic prints. The period of the sixties being both synonymous with exuberance and lightness, the sixties decoration so is strongly impregnated. You can therefore bet on pop and tart colors, including primary colors, orange or mustardbut also on black, gray, chocolate and white.
As for sixties prints, again the choice is vast! Whether wallpaper, tableware, or fabric, the patterns can be geometric, psychedelic, graphic, floral,... as long as they are XXL.

For a home with a successful sixties decor, it is best not to cover all the walls of your room with patterned wallpaper, only one will suffice. The selected print can then be found on your cushions or storage boxes.

Sixties style furniture

The furniture of the sixties is characterized by round shapes and a style that wants to be friendly. Regardless of the type of furniture chosen, the sixties colors are obviously appropriate and match perfectly with the wooden furniture, preferably neither too light nor too dark.
For the sixties decor of your home, choose chairs and armchairs with an enveloping seat and round shapes, preferably colored. The rattan rocking chair is also a must in the furniture of the sixties.
As for the sixties luminaires, they are often made of chromed steel or brushed metal and are distinguished by their rounded shapes and harmonious curves.

In order to reinforce the sixties spirit of your decoration, choose the following subjects for your furniture:

  • pvc;
  • plastic;
  • vinyl;
  • chromium;
  • brushed stainless steel;
  • the formica.

Accessorize the sixties decor of his house

To bring the final touch to the sixties decor of your home, it is necessary to accessorize all of your rooms.
In any room in your house, think about adorn carpet floors with long hairs, plain or patterned, but if possible colorful. The carpet is just as suited to the sixties style.
On your walls, your furniture, or any other flat surface of your choice, colorful stickers can be arranged to give relief to the whole.
Do not neglect the selection of your dishes, because to be in perfect agreement with your theme sixties, it must be in melamine, the flagship material of the sixties.
Finally, if you have old vinyl, do not hesitate to recycle to get a completely vintage sixties decoration.

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