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If you want an exotic decor that transports you to the other end of the world, turn without hesitation to the tropical, natural and refined decoration. Discover our tips for a successful tropical home!

A house with tropical decoration

A house with tropical decoration

Natural colors, warm and mineral, tropical atmosphere

If you opt for a house with tropical decor, you will prefer to look for natural colorsthose that are reminiscent of wood and leather, whether it is furniture, fabrics or the color of coatings. But you can also add touches of white, red and orange to warm up the atmosphere, or cool it with mineral colors such as light green or light blue. Opt for a flagship color, and apply some accessories of two or three other colors that you like and that agree with your decoration.

Tropical deco: natural materials

For a house with a tropical decor, opt for furniture and accessories whose materials are natural, such as wood and leather. So you will be able to install sofas and armchairs in leather, wooden furniture in light or dark shades according to your preferences, not to mention the curtains and cushions that can be linen. Finally, wherever possible, choose a solid parquet flooring for living rooms, which will perfectly match with the style of your tropical decoration.

Animal motifs for a tropical decor

Your tropical decoration must obviously be decorated with accessories and furniture with animal motifs: make the choice to install sheets, carpets, cushions or bed covers whose patterns will recall the stripes of zebra or leopard stains. If you do not adhere to these accessories with this kind of pattern, you can always decorate your decor with paintings of wild animals.

Accessories for a tropical decor

What would be your tropical decor without decorative accessories? First turn to broadleaf plants, reminiscent of tropical vegetation: you will install in every room to live, in different parts of the room. Do not forget also the mirrors that can be framed by wood, and the frames representing photos of tropical animals. If you need storage, go for wicker baskets and baskets that will also decorate your home. Finally, do not forget the vases and containers in raw wood decorated for a tropical decoration refined in every detail.

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