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We will build 1 wood house! we are still hesitating between the timber frame house and a solid wood log house ???? we still go on 1 project of all 1 life! Which of the two seems best... We talked about a wooden floor slab instead of a concrete slab! Did it prove successful!

Wood has many advantages: the wooden construction is economical, ecological, it is a very insulating material that generally allows an energy saving of almost 25% on your heating bill!

The wood frame + insulation + panel structure is currently the most practiced and therefore the most standardized. The solution "solid wood" is much more expensive and supposes a very qualified company. His style is not suitable for all regions.

It also depends on the region in which you want to build: some consider that a house made of solid wood is not recommended in areas where summers are very long, very hot, and dry because the wood is then likely to "work".

A wooden floor slab is possible, however, when laying joists and joists, it is mandatory to provide a permanent and sufficient ventilation of the underside of the floor.

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