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The major appliance continues to change in the kitchen. Powerful, more energy efficient, quieter, with advanced technologies, easy to use... Overview of criteria that matter before buying.

Appliances: new products

1 How to choose?

To guide us in our choice of equipment, an energy label was introduced in 1995. In order to keep pace with technological developments, a new version has emerged for refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, washing machines and dishwashers..

Mandatory since the end of 2011, it shows three new classes (A +, A ++ and A +++) and proposes a clearer labeling of the data: annual energy consumption and acoustic emissions, specific indications to the devices (water consumption, drying efficiency, spin, useful volume...). And other categories could be concerned (coffee makers, vacuum cleaners...).
Before choosing your device, evaluate your needs, according to the use, the capacity required, the frequency of use, the price: are you ready to pay more for a durable, economical and long-term device? more technological? Is the environmental aspect important?
To help you, the group of interprofessional manufacturers of household appliances (Gifam) has just published a guide, "the vademecum of the consumer actor and responsible", and a specific site: It's up to you to decide between real need, comfort of use, and price of course!

Appliances: new products: oven

Present since the beginning of 2012, the new energy label clarifies the information and makes the comparison between products easier.

Where to get information to buy his appliances?

With the Internet, we can compare, choose quietly, or even buy online, but it is sometimes difficult to navigate in the middle of all this information. The physical point of sale still has strengths: the advice of vendors, trained by manufacturers to best meet our questions, the machines presented in demonstration, promotions...

Appliances: new products: cooking

An assertive look for this 700 W microwave, with 28 cm tray ("Sputnik", Brandt).

Appliances: new products: oven

Space saving solution, these drawers conceal a 150 l class A + refrigerator ("RT19AAI", Scholtès).

2 Consume less energy

Cooling appliances top the list of energy consumers (more than 30% of the bill, excluding heating). Great efforts have
been made to reduce their consumption by 80% in the last twenty years; from 1st next July, Class A models will no longer be marketed.
Optimized oven cleaning modes reduce energy consumption. For example, the Whirlpool "Fusion Starclean" oven offers a cleaning cycle at 90° C, thanks to a non-stick coating and eliminates preheating time. Other models heat only part of the cavity (Hot Air Eco mode at Siemens, Samsung's Twin Convection double cavity oven).
On the washing side, the arrival of heat pumps, the direct connection to hot water or even a solar panel, generate significant savings. Zeolite (microporous stone) releases steam during washing and heat on drying. The water consumption of dishwashers has also fallen sharply.
Tomorrow, by connecting to the communicating electricity network (what the Linky meter should allow), the appliances will be able to adapt their consumption,
avoiding peaks, or even trigger at the most favorable time. Some devices are already equipped in this way (Smart Grid technology).

Appliances: new products: oven

NoFrost handset with Twin FreshPlus technology and air column. 317 l. ("EN3487AOJ" combined, Electrolux).

Appliances: new products: energy

This refrigerator, with a large storage capacity, has a BioFresh zone, 336 l, class A ++ ("KBs3864", Liebherr).

3 Better save food

In ten years, refrigerators (refrigerators, freezers...) have divided their electricity consumption by three, thanks to more efficient compressors, optimized insulation or better cold circulation.

  • With traditional cold, or static, hot air rises into the cavity, forcing a distribution of food. The hygrometry is constant, the food little dry, but the conservation is not optimal.
  • Braised by a fan, the cold is distributed more evenly.
  • Finally, the "No Frost", or cold ventilated, provides an equal temperature throughout the cavity. The defrosting is superfluous and the cold returns to its level quickly after opening the door, but it is necessary to cover the food to avoid their desiccation.

To ensure product-optimized storage, which does not require all the same temperature or humidity levels, specific compartments appear, such as the Perfect Fresh Fridge Pan at Miele, the CoolBox drawer at Siemens, the BioFresh compartments at Liebherr... Inside, the temperature is generally 2 to 3° lower than the rest of the refrigerator, close to 0° C. The preservation of delicate foods is thus improved. The offer is far from anecdotal, as we throw away several hundred euros of food a year.

Appliances: new products: oven

With its clean lines, this recycling hood is also a source of light ("Aura", Whirlpool).

4 Technologies: what's up?

The major appliance sector is one of the most active in research and development.

In 2010, induction accounted for 42.8% of table sales (source Gifam). They are still evolving and offer new possibilities, such as "free placement" plates (FlexInduction from Bosch, Maxizone from Brandt, MaxiSense from AEG, under € 1,000). This is the cooking zone that adapts to pots, detecting their presence and format. The most technologically advanced models, but also the most expensive (Gaggenau, De Dietrich, count € 4,500), offer a surface "free placement" on the entire hob.
Another revolution, steam. It is now found in dedicated ovens or combining several cooking modes. The hydrolysis technique also uses it: a short cycle of heating and water allow to take off the grease (oven VarioSteam of Neff, Electrolux, De Dietrich). A technique that is also found in the dishwasher (Direct Drive LG, 6th Sense with Aquasteam technology from Whirlpool).

Appliances: new products: energy

Ultra-efficient, this multifunction pyrolysis oven consumes only 0.69 kWh. It offers 12 cooking modes and allows cooking on three levels, without mixing odors. Volume 65 l.
("BI6P63NIFR" Neff).

Appliances: new products: products

Compact, this ActiveWater dishwasher with 6 seats, class A +, consumes 7 liters of water. It is perfect for small spaces with its reduced dimensions: 50 x 55.1 x 45 cm.
(mini dishwasher "SKS50E01EU", Bosch).

5 What space savings with new appliances?

Relatively small space (10 to 15 m2 on average) and technical, the kitchen concentrates a large number of functions, and space saving solutions find a real echo with consumers.

After the built-in appliances, the manufacturers offer compact models to pose (Bosch), which can be hidden.
Smaller, the ovens are easily integrated and can be superimposed or combined with other equipment (warming drawer, coffee machine). Even appliances like wine cellars know how to bend to small spaces.
Refrigerators and freezers occupy unexpected places. They are found under a worktop (Ariston, Liebherr), but also in place of a storage drawer (Scholtès).
On the cooking side, the new trend is domino. This small device, usually built-in, occupies 30 to 40 cm wide on a worktop and allows to multiply the cooking modes: deep fryer, barbecue, wok, induction, gas, electric plate...
In free-standing, round-shaped models exploit the angles, such as the Whirpool microwave Max and Brandt Sputnik.
Finally, the space saving is also expressed by dual function devices. The hood becomes a source of lighting, equipment combines washing and cooking (Rosières with its model combining cooking, oven and dishwasher, or Brandt which offers a combined dishwasher and hob).

Appliances: new products: appliances

Innovative, this large induction hob allows free placement on its entire cooking surface. Has a color TFT screen.
("Piano DTIM1000C", De Dietrich).

6 Silence in the kitchen

Today, every other kitchen is open to the rest of the house. If the aesthetic aspect is obvious, it should not eclipse the constraints, especially in terms of noise.

This is why manufacturers are silencing a new selling point. Often offending, hoods make their revolution... silent.
Falmec, for example, created the NRS system, which reduces noise (up to 17 dB), by acting on the air flows in the hood and soundproofing materials. Miele, for its part, proposes a noise reducer on its models.
At Novy, the hoods are equipped with a noise damper that processes the high and midrange frequencies.
As is the case with lavelinge, dishwashers are now equipped with Inverter motors (LG, Electrolux). This technology reduces noise and saves life, as the engine operates without friction, unlike conventional engines that use carbon brushes. A strengthening of the insulation finally ensures a significant reduction in the noise level of the devices.

Appliances: new products: energy

This steam oven offers a capacity of 48 l thanks to its Lift Navitronic headband that hides the tank and the recovery tank, 1.2 l each ("DGC5080XL", Miele).

7 New appliances: Design, a criterion of choice?

design for design does not make sense. It must make the product more accessible, accompany the function. More and more, our equipment becomes tactile, inspired by the high-tech sector, like smartphones...

Household appliances are no exception to the trend: ovens, dishwashers and cooking plates are equipped with, for example, control panels that can be controlled by a simple touch.
On an oven, the banner can also give access to pre-programmed recipes... Appliances have also become a social sign. We do not hesitate to show it and put it on the stage. Thus, manufacturers think their devices in terms of ranges. Control panels, handles, are unified for a coffee machine, a dishwasher and a refrigerator are coordinated.

New appliances, the color and more!

New appliances, the color and more!

Some brands (Smeg (our photo), Sauter, Electrolux, Brandt, Miele...) play the color chart by proposing very colorful models. Others have a more moderate approach: champagne-colored baking trays, range incorporating color-changing LED lighting (Gorenje).
Still others offer "dressed" facades: urban decor for the Whirlpool microwave Max, Falmec Mirabilia Manhattan hood... A new decorative touch in the kitchen.

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