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Round, in the shape of overturned boat hull, old containers, industrial premises revisited, the houses do not always respect the forms. Perfectly ecological or less, they can often round off the angles of your budget and make your life easier. The big trends.

The unusual houses

The unusual houses

The wood bends to all forms

Ancestral hut, yurt, teepee, igloo, pagoda... The round house has no age, no borders. Detained for a long time by the shape of rectangle, it comes back today in force. And it is the wood that puts it in the spotlight. Ecological material par excellence, it takes advantage of roundness to reinforce the HQE character of the houses it constitutes.

Indeed, a round house compared to a rectangular house, has 20% less walls, at equal volume. Which leads to less heat loss. To this practical aspect is added a friendly side, because of generous volumes and the freedom to implement each living space, according to his desires. And as most models are polygonal, the question of furniture whose angles would not fit, does not arise.

For the same reasons as the round house, the passive house in the shape of an overturned boat hull is enjoying growing success.

Industrial style has a lot of votes

The container house has been gaining popularity since the 2000s, when it appears in Docklands, an industrial maritime district in London. These new or used boat containers are now installed all over the world because they are well insulated, easy to assemble and very economical.

When they arrive safely, they have walls, a floor and a roof. In addition, they meet international ISO standards and are anticorrosive, with excellent resistance to fire and moisture. No wonder they are a source of inspiration for self-builders who create the house of their dreams as we play the legos.

Safe value for years, the industrial loft in town as in the countryside continues to seduce. The old locksmith workshops, the small printers of the past, some painters' studios offer large spaces, to be modulated according to the desires and the needs. Their upper level is often surmounted by windows that let in the light. To exploit them, the imagination has no bounds and the space a minimum of partitions.

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