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New generation homes, the Bépos houses are self-sufficient and meet the new standards regarding energy performance and the reduction of greenhouse gases. This level of performance of course has a price and it is not given to everyone to build a house Bépos.

The Bepos houses themselves produce the energy they consume

The Bepos houses themselves produce the energy they consume

What is a Bepos house?

The Bépos house, also called positive energy house, is a house whose difference between the production and the energy consumption for the heating and the domestic hot water production is equal to or greater than zero.
We also talk about self-sufficient house since it produces energy. It is possible for the owners of a Bépos house to inject surplus energy not consumed on the EDF network. Relatively recent in the building market, the Bépos house will soon be the norm in terms of construction since the trend is to the energy performance and the reduction, or even the disappearance, of greenhouse gases.

Maison Bépos: the basic principles

For a house to be considered a Bépos house, it must meet certain requirements. First of all, the energy needed to run the house (heating and hot water) must come from a renewable energy source. It must therefore be equipped with photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels or a heat pump for example.
Bepos House must also be airtight and must not have no thermal bridge to avoid unnecessary consumption and heat loss. To achieve this level of performance, builders can use the most sophisticated and expensive materials.
The insulation of a house Bepos is such that the heating needs are reduced. A simple wood stove can heat an entire house. It must however be vigilant because who says waterproof house says no renewal of the air. In addition to installing a VMC, think of ventilating your home by opening windows after a shower or when cooking.

How much does a Bépos house cost?

The Bépos house is much more efficient than a current house is obviously more expensive. count 20% more than the price of a house that meets current standards. This difference in price can be explained by the construction techniques used, previous studies and more sophisticated and expensive materials. For the implementation of this kind of house, you will also have to call on professionals with special skills. Be aware that the Bépos houses are inaccessible to first-time buyers who have a limited budget.

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