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If you appreciate modern architecture, discover the history and main characteristics of cubic houses: these angular houses born in the Netherlands in the 1980s consist mainly of an assembly of cubes that give them a look of the most contemporary!

Cubic houses

Cubic houses

The history of cubic houses born in the Netherlands

The first cubic houses that came into existence were imagined by the architect Piet Blom, who built 40 cubic houses in 1984 in the heart of the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is therefore a set of houses that can still be admired today and which form a subdivision: the architect also wanted these houses to form a kind of village in the heart of the city.
They come in form slanted houses, which allows the inhabitants of these houses to enjoy incomparable visibility. In the same way, Piet Blom wished that each one of them represents a tree, and that all the houses gathered form, in his eyes, a kind of forest.

From the cube cubic houses imagined by Piet Blom, other cubic houses have appeared, always taking a very modern look: these houses are also in great demand, and they are often characteristic of the houses of architects in our landscape.

The main features of cubic houses

The cubic houses of Piet Blom have a classic structure that supports an inclined cube whose facade is covered with wood. But if these cubic houses are typical of the style of the architect Piet Blom, nowadays it is possible to acquire a cubic house of more classic style and even more modern. Today's cubic houses are characterized by the following architectural elements:

  • A building in the shape of a cubeor a structure consisting of a set of cubes;
  • The overall look of the house is characterized by straight, angular and clean lines;
  • The roof is usually right;
  • The windows and doors have angular shapes: they are elements in the form of squares or rectangles without any other ornament;
  • There are usually large windows on one or the other facades of these cubic houses, whether on the ground floor or in the floors of houses;
  • Very few ornaments on the exterior facade of these houses.

Video Instruction: Cube Houses hang on pylons like a forest canopy in Rotterdam