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In the 1970s, a house-building company set out on a crazy bet: making the majority of property accessible to the property by drastically lowering prices. Zoom on the phenomenon of Phoenix houses.

Phoenix Houses

Phoenix Houses

Phoenix Homes: instructions for use

The secret of manufacturing Phoenix homes to offer houses at such low prices? And quite simply a way of building house 100% standardized.

Indeed, all Phoenix homes are built according to the same scheme: a metal frame, concrete slabs, complete equipment and electric heating throughout the house.
In fact, all the elements of our house are manufactured and pre-assembled in the Phoenix plants. Once our house is selected from the range of Phoenix homes, these items are delivered and mounted on our land.

The advantages of Phoenix homes

The mode of construction of Phoenix homes gives them many advantages:

  • Advantageous prices. If the Phoenix houses are also famous in France, it is especially for their very competitive prices; with Welcome models, you can become owner starting from 76 900 € only. And question deadlines of construction, also the Phoenix houses beat records!
  • Houses for all, and for all styles. There are many models of Phoenix homes, thought to meet all profiles: single storey house for young couple with or without children, home for large family, for seniors and even for investors. And for each model, we can adapt the house in the style that we prefer: classic, modern, or trendy.

And if, after a few years, we want enlarge or renovate your homeit's possible, with Phénix Évolution.

  • Accompanied from A to Z. Having your house built with Phoenix homes is the guarantee of being accompanied throughout the process of acquiring our home; since his reflection (where a counselor will help us to match our desires with our means, to find a ground, and especially to mount a financing plan, etc.) to its realization, through its development.

The Phoenix houses: when the shoe rubs...

But prefabricated houses Phénix also present their lot of disadvantages:

  • Resale difficult. Unlike designer houses, prefab houses lose their value over time.
  • Attention to the construction contract, which does not include the delivery guarantee at agreed prices and deadlines. In short, they can deliver us home several months late without any penalty...
  • Bad echoes about the quality. On the internet, there are many Phoenix owners forums disillusioned. Although obviously their remarks are not generalized and there are also Phoenix owners delighted, several problems often come up in the mouth of the discontented, among which: a very light follow-up of the file, significant unforeseen additional costs, the difficulty of proceeding expansions once the house is finished, common construction defects, obsolete equipment and poor insulation.
  • The metal frame, so typical of Phoenix homes, makes them not very resistant in case of fire.

To note In most cases, individuals who have opted for Phénix in the past advise future customers to be more attentive to the level of construction plans of the house, materials and equipment. But when you're not an expert or you do not know it, it's not easy to think about asking for the thickness of the plasterboard or the quality of the overhang...

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