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Many people choose to move to the border of two countries. This situation allows you to enjoy a certain living environment in a state while taking advantage of a higher salary in the neighboring state. But what is border housing? Where is it better to live? How to find these accommodations and at what price?

Border housing

Border housing

What is border housing?

Border housing is a habitat on the border between two countries. The border workers will thus make migrations daily. They earn their salary on one side of the border and use it largely in another national economy. While this is often advantageous for the border worker, this way of life is also beneficial for countries that welcome them. They find many benefits as a skilled and generally less demanding workforce.

Who are the buyers of border housing?

Buyers are obviously border workersthat is, people living on the border between two states. In general, it is more about middle-class couples or CSP + (the favored socio-professional categories). The requests generally concern houses or large apartments.

In Luxembourg, border buyers can be native to France, Belgium or Germany. In Belgium, they come mainly from France, Germany, Luxembourg or the Netherlands. In the Netherlands they come from Belgium or Germany. In Switzerland they come from France, Germany, Italy and Austria.

How to find border real estate?

There are many ways to search for a property to buy. Research methods sometimes differ from country to country. For example, in France, cross-border commuters can explore classified ads on the Internet (ads by individuals and professionals) or contact a real estate agency in the border area. However, even if professionals can inform you easily on the local market, agency fees remain to be paid.

In Switzerland, it is sometimes more difficult to find housing, especially in the cross-border area. Real estate agencies (called real estate boards in Switzerland), however, remain successful in finding a property. Internet real estate sites also remain effective. Newspapers specialized in real estate are also more efficient than in France, with many property proposals.

Average prices of border real estate

The French border zone is characterized by a certain heterogeneity in price per m², depending on where the property is and its nature. French cities popular with border workers like Femey-Voltaire in the Gex or Saint Julien en Genevois for example, propose real estate sales prices around 4,000 euros per sqm.

On the other hand, it is in Luxembourg that real estate would be the most expensive, especially around the capital with 7,000 euros per m² on average.

According to a CEPS study conducted in 2015 - Observatoire des Frontieres - other border countries are affected by these land tensions, such as Belgium for example.

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