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An intermediate rented accommodation can be granted to you if you are part of the households whose incomes are too low to rent a home on the public market but too high for a housing HLM. This is a rental for the middle classes.

Definition of intermediate rent housing

Rentals in intermediate rent are housing located between social housing and private housing. They are aimed at people who can not benefit from social housing because their resources are above the ceiling but can not access the housing of the private park because their income is insufficient.

An intermediate dwelling is located in a tense area defined by law; it responds to a real demand where housing is scarce.
The rents for these dwellings are below market prices of 10 to 20%.
The lessor signs an agreement with the ANAH, the National Housing Agency, so that the housing is agreed in intermediate rent; This allows him to take advantage of a tax benefit and possibly financial assistance to practice work in housing.
An intermediate rent housing, also named rented housing, has a lease of at least 6 years.

Who can have access to housing in intermediate rent?

The applicant for intermediate rented housing must not have a higher income ceiling in effect and be of French nationality or have a valid residence permit.
He must not be a relative of the landlord (spouse, cohabitant, pacsé, ascendants or descendants of the owner or spouse mentioned above) and not be part of the tax household.
The accommodation is obligatorily the main residence of the tenant.

Annual revenue caps for 2017 for a single person by zoning:

Zone A bis: Paris and neighboring municipalities (small crown)41 663€
Zone A: Agglomerated part Ile de France, Côte d'Azur, French metropolis of Geneva41 663€
Zone B1: Ile de France except zones A and A bis, municipalities of more than 250 000 inhabitants, DOM, Corsica, some expensive cities32 197€
Zone B2: Other municipalities with more than 50 000 inhabitants, municipalities not included in B128 172€
Zone C: Rest of the territory28 172€

Ceilings of a monthly rent, charges not included vary according to the geographical area of ​​housing. They range from about 16.82 € / m² of "tax" living space for the most strained areas (A bis) to 8.74 € / m² of "tax" living space for the relaxed areas (C). The "fiscal" living space is equal to the living area of ​​the dwelling plus half of the surface of the annexes with a limit of 8m².

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