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Painting a room is an operation that requires some preparation. Once we have chosen the color that will dress the walls, then we must look at the number of pots of paint needed to paint a room. Here are some ways to make sure you buy the right amount of products and not waste money...

How many pots / liters of paint to paint a room?

How many pots / liters of paint to paint a room?

Calculate the area to paint

To know how much paint is needed to paint a room, the first thing to do is to calculate the surface to be painted. If we only consider painting a few sections of walls, we must measure that the surfaces concerned, ie determine the length (L) as well as the height (h), in meters, from each section of wall. We can then calculate the area that is equivalent to: L x h.

The value obtained is expressed in square meter (m²). Once the surface of each wall to be painted has been estimated, it is sufficient to add the values ​​obtained to obtain the total area.

In case you want to paint all the walls in the same color, there is a simpler formula. First, measure the perimeter of the room (P), ie the turn of the room taking into account all the walls, and then measure its height (h). The area of ​​the walls is equivalent to: P x h (m²).

If the wall or walls to be painted incorporate elements that are not to be painted (door, window, built-in furniture, fireplace, cupboard...), care must also be taken to calculate the area which will then be subtracted from the total surface of the walls to be painted. to paint.

If you also want paint the ceilingit is necessary to measure the length (L) and the width (l). The area is then equivalent to L x l (m²).

Quality of the painting: a data to take into account

Once we know the total area to paint, we must take into account the performance of the paint that we will use. It is then necessary to look on the paint bucket which indicates the yield expressed in m² / L (that one can read " square meter covered by liter of paint »).
Very often, we find the inscription "10 m² / L", which means that with a liter of paintwe can cover 10 m² of wall. Attention, this value is valid only for a wall which has already been the subject of a preparation, having in particular been covered with an underlayer or a coating.

The amount of paint required is obtained by the following calculation:

surface to be painted / paint yield = number of liters

for example:
For a surface of 25m² and a painting whose performance is 10 m² / L, it will be necessary:
25/10 = 2.5 L of paint

It is better to plan a little extra margin and do not forget to double the amount if you plan to lay two layers.

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