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Before starting your planting, the preparation of your soil is essential for a quality culture. Thus, it is important to dig your garden, at the right time and with the help of the right tools. What is the digging of a garden? What are the essential tools? What precautions should be taken?

How to dig a garden?

How to dig a garden?

What is the covering of a garden?

When you want to build a garden, you must prepare the land to receive your plantations. So, to establish this soil preparation, you're going to digging with specific toolsit is a movement that consists of lifting clumps of land and breaking them.

This gesture allows to aerate the soil, this not only allows the roots to grow more easily, but it also allows water to enter the soil. In addition, note that digging generally helps to reduce the return of weeds.

Tools for digging a garden

The tool you will use to dig your garden should be chosen according to the nature of your soil. So, if the earth in your garden is rather clayey, you will turn to the fork, while if your land is sandy, a spade will be recommended.

Also, be aware that you should not choose your fork or spade in any way if you want to avoid injuries and back pain. So, make sure your tool meets a few criteria:

  • Choose a fork-fork or a narrow-beam spadebecause you will provide less effort to raise the earth;
  • Do not take it too heavy, take the time to make sure that the digging will be comfortable and easy;
  • Favor the long sleeves, but adapted to your morphology. Note that to dig, you must always have your back straight, and theoretically, you should not need to bend over.

Precautions to take for digging

Before digging your soil, make sure all conditions are right for the digging to be effective. So, start by choosing the most opportune moment: it is indeed better to dig the soil between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. You must, however, avoid the waves of cold weather, because the frost breaks up the ground and makes the task more difficult. However, if the earth of your garden is sandblasteryou can allow yourself to dig when you want, since the soil does not form clumps.

Be that as it may, note that it is best if you avoid digging your garden when your soil is too dry, too wet, frozen or snowy.

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