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Bounding is an expensive operation that must, in principle, be shared between the owners of the land concerned. So how much exactly is the boundary of a land and who will settle the note in fact? The answer elements to follow in this article.

How much is the boundary of a land

How much is the boundary of a land

Average cost of the demarcation of a land

The cost of demarcating land varies according to several criteria, starting with the rates charged by the surveyor. Despite a highly regulated profession, the fees of this professional are freely fixed.

The demarcation operation from the expert surveyor's point of view takes into account the costs:

  • of displacement
  • the establishment of the topography of the land
  • drafting the minutes
  • collecting the agreements of each party concerned by the demarcation of the property.

The costs of setting up the demarcation must be added to the intervention of the surveyor:

  • price of the terminals themselves
  • travel cost of professionals
  • price of various supplies and laying of terminals.

The final price of the boundary, therefore also depends on the number of terminals to be installed, or the area of ​​the land to be delimited.

The price of a boundary made by a surveyor, may therefore vary from 500 € à 1500 €.

Cost of the demarcation of a land, who pays?

The boundary of a land remains an expensive operation whose cost will ideally be shared between the different parties involved.

Indeed, the owner having taken the initiative of the demarcation (the buyer), is not always alone to bear the costs of expertise.

According to Article 646 of the Civil Code, the costs incurred by the demarcation operation must be shared "equally" between the owners.

But in practice this distribution is often undermined, because if the neighbor accepts the demarcation he can also refuse the cost of his "share". The owner at the origin of the operation will have to finance it in its entirety.

Special case of judicial demarcation:

In the case where amicable demarcation is impossible, the case may be brought before a district court (demarcation by judicial action). It is the judge who will then decide the distribution of the cost of demarcation. Note that it will then be necessary to add the lawyer's fees to the transaction costs.

As an indication, it is necessary to count approximately 1 500 € for the demarcation of a ground of 1 000 m ² (10 ares). For an accurate estimate, do not hesitate to make several requests for quotes.

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