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The Canadian well is an eco-energy device (still little known) for heating or cooling the interior of a house. It is a clever air-to-ground heat exchanger system that uses geothermal energy and can generate savings on energy consumption. How much will it cost me to install a Canadian well? The answer on DuitDesign.

Price for the construction of a Canadian well

There are several things to consider in estimating the cost of installing a Canadian well. First, there is earthworks and digging to prepare the ground for receiving the various elements of piping. For this, it is necessary to 1,000 and 5,000 euros depending on the type of soil and the difficulty of access to the land.

Then, consider the selected controlled mechanical ventilation model (VMC). If it is a VMC simple stream, the price oscillates between 350 and 650 euros approximately.

In the case of a VMC double flow, the price is higher: of the order of 750 to 2,800 euros on average.

The price of a VMC depends of course on the size of the house, the quality of the ventilation / VMC and its features (self-adjustable or humidity-controlled).

It must not be forgotten the different fittings which will cost around a hundred euros.

How much will it cost me to install a Canadian well?

This question can be answered by indicating an average price of all: 2,500 euros. This tariff is of course an estimate that includes the establishment and operation of a Canadian well using quality materials. But the bill can increase according to the type of land, the surface of the habitat, the constraints of installation...

Additional costs:

Apart from the installation of the Canadian well, it is necessary to consider the thermal feasibility study of the land which weighs heavily on the bill. This operation costs approximately 2,000 euros, but this rate may fluctuate downward or upward depending on the nature of the terrain. Do not forget the earthworks that can climb very quickly. Once again, the type of soil and the surface to be treated affect the final price. Calling a professional is recommended for earthwork and installation in the rules and conform to the standards in force (RT 2012).

In any case, it is strongly recommended to carry out a quote request from a qualified professional. The document provided by the specialist will include various mentions to look closely. In addition to prices, it provides information on the quality of the equipment used, professional insurance, a guarantee without forgetting the start date of the work and the time of completion of it.

NB: All prices are indicative and vary according to many parameters and individual choices.

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