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What support for a false ceiling?

I want to create a false ceiling of about 10 cm in which I will insert glass wool or other to improve the sound insulation. The existing ceiling consists of brick beams and slabs covered with 2 cm thick polystyrene sheets. What system can I put in place to support this false ceiling. I had thought of putting rails together back to back and supported by running rails fixed to the walls; but I doubt their resistance is sufficient knowing that the piece is 6.30 x 3.60.

The false ceiling (usually made of plasterboard) must be fixed on rails called profiles, themselves secured to the ceiling by means of metal hangers fixed in the slabs. The advantage of this technique is to be independent of the range (width and length of the part), to allow a significant reduction in the transmission of airborne noise (speech, music, household appliances), and to a lesser extent noise. impact (footsteps, objects falling on the floor). For optimized acoustic insulation, conventional hangers can be replaced with antivibration hangers, much more expensive, but particularly effective in reducing the transmission of noises.

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