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An attic apartment requires specific amenities, but the challenge is worthy of note: indeed, you can easily get a space bright and well arranged, as long as you follow these tips.

An attic apartment in Stockholm

An attic apartment in Stockholm

Choose suitable furniture in your attic apartment

The very first development you need to put in place in your attic apartment is to install suitable furniture. If you find that the task is complex, do not give up:

  • Start with the most consistent, and install low furniture that you already have under the garrets. If your desk is low enough, this is where you should put it, the same goes for the bed, dressers, etc.
  • Forget the large invading cabinets and just enjoy the attics to consider installing a wardrobe, shelves, in short: storage. With a set of curtains or sliding doors, you will get a dressing room or spacious closets in which you can store what you want.

Remember that attic apartments usually require custom-made facilities and equipment. You will not lose at the change because all your space will be optimized as best as possible.

And why not build a mezzanine in your attic apartment?

If you have always loved mezzanines, you have everything good! Indeed, nothing like setting up a mezzanine in an attic apartment, because you will gain considerable space. This mezzanine will be for you the opportunity to create the additional room of your choice:

  • A guest room in which you will store a bed base without feet and a mattress, as well as storage boxes.
  • A library area which will be calm and isolated and in which you can read quietly by installing sources of soft light.
  • A playroom for your children, allowing you to free the living rooms of all their toys, and allowing them to have their little corner just theirs.

However, you can only consider this mezzanine if you have enough height, otherwise you will be deprived of space and light.

Light is your best ally for the layout of your attic apartment

Attic apartments are often darker than others because of the parts configuration and the implantation of windows. Never mind, you'll just give the illusion of a larger space and judiciously integrate sources of artificial light. To do this:

  • Privilege clear colors for the coating of walls. White or pastel colors in yellow or beige tones will naturally illuminate the rooms in your attic apartment.
  • The light should ideally "come from the ground" on pain of being too aggressive. Therefore, install floor lamps that will give the illusion of a higher ceiling, and avoid spotlights and other wall sconces.

To set up your attic apartment, think about the materials

In an attic apartment, more than in any other apartment, the choice of materials is crucial because an attic apartment tends to store heat easily. In addition, these apartments have unexpected aesthetic advantages that would be a shame to pass by.
To begin, make a cross on the carpet which retains too much heat and humidity, the main enemy of attic apartments. Consider installing parquet or linoleum, which will also make it easier for you to clean.
Finally, think of the beams often present in the attic apartments: put them in value by maintaining them and paint a different color of the beams the space between each of them, to bring out: these beams will bring a lot of charm to your decoration.

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