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Most houses have convertible attic space. To turn them into a new living room, it is important to recover from the brightness. We explain how to optimize this room by installing roof windows.

There are several ranges of roof windows: double or triple glazing, without or blind, manual or automatic, remotely controllable,.... Some models allow you to manage the brightness and heat in the room while you are away.

To put your velux, create a trunk (support) in the frame. Discover the roof, then cut out the ceiling, the vault and the tiles. Finally, put the frame (frame that will host the pivoting part) on the trimmer. Once your roof window is laid, it is imperative to take care of the external waterproofing thanks to a provided aberge (formed and / or welded sheets). Then cross cut and lay the tiles. All you have to do is redo the interior trim to finalize the ceiling!

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Video Instruction: VELUX New Generation Roof Window Standard Installation Into Tile