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I would like to know how to make a false ceiling? What would be the gap between the ceiling and the false ceiling? What are the points to consider?

For make a false ceiling, the simplest and most common method is to fasten metal profiles horizontal, made integral with the ceiling by means of lines. Another possibility in the event of a ceiling consisting of wooden joists: fix the profiles directly on the joists, provided that they are horizontal and in all points at the same level.
The false ceiling will consist of plasterboard screwed in metal profiles, it is then necessary to treat the joints between plates, using calico and specific coatings.
The distance between the ceiling and the false ceiling defines a volume called "plenum". This distance is variable according to the needs, for example laying of insulation in the false ceiling. It is also necessary to avoid positioning the false ceiling too low, a finished height of 2.30 m being a minimum to avoid a feeling of confinement.

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